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EB5AGV's Tektronix 7000 pages

These pages are devoted to the popular Tektronix 7000 modular series. I find this is the most versatile and readily available Tektronix modular equipment at really low prices (so suitable for amateur use). You can build from the usual oscilloscope system (using a time base and one or more amplifier plug-ins) to spectrum analyzers or TDRs. And you always use same mainframe, which are available with bandwidths from about 65MHz to a whooping 1GHz.

I have bought most of these items in unworking condition and, so far, I have fixed several of them. It is very interesting to have Service Manuals for any serious work or just if you want to understand how a plug-in or mainframe works. In current equipment, Service Manuals use to be lots less detailed, if you can find them.

I have most of the Service Manuals for these items (both in paper and in PDF) so if you need any information, just E-mail me.

If you need manuals, please, check also the Technical Manuals CD-ROM Compilation page.

My Tektronix 7000 tower (4/2006) My Tektronix 7000 tower (4/2006)

My Tektronix Series 7000 Collection

Tektronix plug-insTektronix plug-ins

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