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Tektronix 2440 Tektronix 2440

This page is dedicated to the Tektronix 2440 DSO. It is a dual channel, 300MHz bandwidth, 500MS/s unit and was the top-of-the-line of the 24xx DSO series.

Unit as received

This oscilloscope was bought at eBay Germany and it arrived to Spain in perfect shape and working.

All SELF TESTs passed with flying colors:

Tek 2440

It came with a couple P6137 400MHz probes:

Tek 2440

Testing the oscilloscope

I generated a 50MHz sinusoidal wave with my R&S CMT-84 and this is what I got.

First picture is in NORMAL capture mode:

Tek 2440

Second picture is in 8 AVG capture mode, which shows a cleaner trace:

Tek 2440

To be continued...