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Hammarlund SP-600-JX17 SP-600-JX17

This is a page devoted to the Hammarlund SP-600 receiver and its accessories, as the SPC-10 or HC-10 SSB converters.

The SP-600 is a double conversion superheterodine receiver, manufacturated by Hammarlund from 1950 to 1972 in lots of differents models (look at the information below). Although it can vary depending on the exact model considered, the basic frequency coverage was from 0.54 to 54MHz, in six bands. The IFs are 3955 and 455KHz, and the filtering is made at 455KHz by means of a crystal filter. It has 20 tubes and a powerful (and nice to hear!) output, 2.5W. Its military designation is, generally, R-274.

Note: the picture on this page was taken from Grant Youngman NQ5T page. Thanks, Grant!.

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