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This is a page devoted to the Collins R-388 (51J-3) and R-388A (51J-4) receivers.

Quoting their TM manuals, Radio Receiver R-388(A)/URR is a communications receiver, having excepcional frequency stability and calibration accuracy. The receiver covers the frequency range from .5 to 30.5 Mc. It is a 18 (19(A)) tube superheterodyne receiver for receiving AM phone signals an CW signals.

Collins R-388 Collins R-388

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Technical Characteristics
Frequency range.5 Mc to 30.5 Mc
Receiver typeSingle, double or triple conversion superheterodyne
IF frequency500 Kc
Number of tubes18, 19(A)
TuningLinear, divided into thirty 1 Mc tuning steps
Method of calibrationBuilt-in crystal oscillator (100 Kc)
Frequency stabilityOver-all stability within 1 Kc for average conditions; within 2 Kc for extreme conditions
Output impedances4 and 600 Ohm
Antenna input impedanceUnbalanced to match short whip antenna (50 Ohm, 100 uuF)
Power requirements85 W at 115 or 230 VAC, 45 to 70 cps
Weight35 pounds

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