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Hewlett-Packard 16500A Hewlett-Packard 16500A

This page will be devoted to my recently acquired (February 2007) Hewlett-Packard 16500A logic analyzer.

It took a lot (more than 1 month, coming from Germany!) but it is finally here. I knew it had a 16532A oscilloscope card but nothing else about the other 3 cards... so it was a surprise box for me :-)!

It is a late unit (S/N 3206Axxxxx) and comes with 4Mb memory (maximum for 16500A series). Other cards are a 16520A paired with a 16521A (50Mbit/s pattern generator and expansion) and a 16550A (100/500MHz state/timing). It has all the cables BUT is missing some headers (2 for the state/timing and all for the pattern generator) and all grabbers. There were a couple HP10441A oscilloscope probes also, but one is damaged at the BNC end (it was already that way prior to ship); it has a broken BNC connector. Other one is fine.

It came also with two inserted disks, which are 'combined disks' having all the needed software (I have already duplicated them and use the copies). Once I fixed an unworking rear floppy disk unit (a mechanical issue), it works fine and recognizes all devices. Oscilloscope card works fine. Other cards are still unchecked but seem to work also.

I have got also a set of manuals: two programming manuals (which include all the cards in the system), a service manual (ditto) and an operating manual (only for the 16500A mainframe). What are missing are the user manuals for the cards, but they are available online.

All in all, a nice system!.


Here you have some pictures of the logic analyzer.

This is how the item arrived:

And this is after some work removing the ugly labels:

Unit has an interesting set of plug-ins installed:

This is a picture of the huge lot of cables coming from the cards:

I opened the unit to find it is very clean inside, which is a good sign as the fans are really powerful so, if used a lot or in a dusty environment, it should have lots more dirt inside.

Only thing I have found which is not completely right is the picture tube: it has some colour contamination at the left and middle top areas. I have tried degauss button but does nothing (it works but does not clear the problem).

This is the display module, a SONY OEM module:

Here you have some pictures of the DISPLAY TEST:

More to come... keep tuned!


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